Brigantes Presents – High Angled Solutions – Acapulka 1.35 Expedition Tour Pulk

The ET 135 is the result of several years of R & D involving designers, builders, and experienced users. The R & D process has paid off with new Delta Wings that increase transverse stability and load capacity without significant sacrifices in friction or steering properties.  This makes the ET 135 excellent in the difficult terrain of the arctic circle during winter deployments.

With the load capacity matching sledges from 150-160 cm, it’s still easy to get the ET 135 to an expeditions launch point due to the fact that it’s a shorter pulk. It has Acapulka’s unique low friction runner system called STSR.  (Side Track Stabilizing Rail) which provides extraordinary glide with excellent side track and balance. As with all successful sledges, the ET 135 has a high rounded front section that helps it stay on top of deep snow.

The tough cover of the ET 135 is of top quality CORDURA. This makes the Acapulka ET 135 strong, water resistant and repellent, which is perfect for the harsh, unpredictable weather conditions of the Arctic, Antarctic and Greenland. What’s more the straps and D-rings holding your supplies are fastened directly to the hull of the sledge with solid rivets, not just sewn on the cover ensure kit is kept safe.

The extensive research and innovations made with all Acapulka pulks, is what makes them the complete solution to carry supplies during expeditions and winter deployments. For more information contact,

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8 Responses to “Brigantes Presents – High Angled Solutions – Acapulka 1.35 Expedition Tour Pulk”

  1. jellydonut says:

    Pulk is handmade in Norway, Cordura cover made in Ireland.

    Just wanted to point this out because it’s an awesome fact.

  2. CAPT Jake says:

    No doubt an outstanding piece of gear, but
    Were I to go on an expedition requiring this type of equipment, I’d look to the two recent Antarctica trekkers’ (Colin O’Brady & Louis Rudd) gear for guidance.

  3. Strike-Hold says:

    Certainly looks better than the 1950’s leftovers we used in Arctic Warfare Training in 1985.

  4. Can outdoor says:

    Laval St Germain used an Acapulka 210 on his Antarctic solo expedition. It warped and he had to call off.

  5. renaissance marine says:

    we called them ochios! pulled them all over the sierra madres!