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Warrior West 19 – Predator Warpaint

Predator Warpaint was founded by Navy SEAL Nick Morris. They’ve offered camouflage face paint for several years. Now, they’ve introduced EarthWell Zinc which is clear and offers SPF 50 protection. Along with the Camo compact (yes, that’s an integrated bottle opener) , they now also offer a stand alone tinted sunscreen lotion.

EarthWell Zinc technology attributes:
· Dry-Touch technology
· Non-migrating
· Highly durable
· Water and sweat resistant
· Non-comedogenic
· Hypoallergenic
· Certified safe for sensitive skin.

Predator Warpaint products are available for agency and unit order through ADS.

5 Responses to “Warrior West 19 – Predator Warpaint”

  1. Dave says:

    Am I alone in my opinion that all products which include a bottle opener lose all credibility, save actual purpose built, single-function bottle openers?

  2. Pete says:

    Having used their camo cans, I can say they are good. No better or worse than regular facepaint, but the mirror is good and doesn’t fall out and the form factor fits well in pockets (it’s literally the same size as a dip can – exactly the same size). That said, the bottle opener is dumb. It also reduces the amount of camo the thing can carry by at least half. I wish they would do away with the bottle opener and just have more facepaint in there. And stick with the three color – it’s all anyone needs (assuming they’re trying not to make clown faces iot piss off the people forcing them to put on facepaint in the first place anyway)

  3. Proteus says:

    This product probably has as many/more users in the hunting as in the tactical space. I imagine the bottle opener was an easy addition/experiment and if Nick and Co. had decided to go with a larger can, someone would complain about that and ask why not a bottle opener. The earthwell zinc/SPF is pretty cool and far better than what you’re getting at the PX or issued. Nick is a good guy, you won’t find someone more honest or dedicated and likely lots more to come from his company.