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Redpath Notions Ahegao Plate Carrier

Now here’s something you don’t see every day.

Jesse Redpath is making these carriers from a rather unorthodox pattern. Once you know the story behind the vest, it makes sense.

The idea came from a /k/ thread. This /k/arrier uses a combination of 500D Cordura and nylon with a ahegao print.

Foam padding is used on the user-facing side of the platebags for increased user comfort. Shoulder strap placement has been changed to be even wider for decreased neck discomfort along with ITW G-hooks being used in place of the conventional sewn in shoulder straps, allowing for servicing and customization of the straps. The front platebag includes a removable kangaroo placard attached by two QASM buckles. The kangaroo placard is lined with hook and loop to allow the insertion of magazine retention inserts. Also included with the carrier is a elastic cummerbund with magazine carrying capacity (3 magazines per side). The magazine slots on the cummerbund are sized to accept both 7.62 and 5.56 magazines.

Get yours at his Etsy shop.

19 Responses to “Redpath Notions Ahegao Plate Carrier”

  1. Lad says:

    Oh great, /k/ the actual cesspool of nazi-supporting scum.

    • Papulu says:

      It wasn’t that bad back in the day. We used to do all sorts of fun things, sending fake pictures of “EDL” members to British media, taking stupid photos for a /k/lass photo, making fun of Haley and Costa during their Magpul Dynamics days. Good times, good times.
      This however is forced and low effort in regards to the pattern.

      • Ted says:

        Yeah, I swear I’ve seen a better ahegao pattern floating around that isn’t just a mess of .jpgs thrown on top of each other. Also lower-key, but I guess you don’t just buy something like this to be subtle.

        • Hello, I did initially use the pattern that you are referencing as a test bed (you can see it on the Facebook page), but I ultimately did not have the rights to the artwork and decided to work to create my own pattern with a professional illustration team out of respect for the original artists.

    • Hello, Redpath Notions, LLC has no political affiliation with /pol/, /k/, or any other boards or groups. This project was simply done out of fun.

    • Yawnz says:

      I see someone’s new to the Internet.

    • /k/ lurker says:

      /k/ isn’t a cesspit of anything but weeaboos and gearfags. Even /pol/ isn’t if your actually able to distinguish the astroturfing going on there, or just the FBI trying to frame people as extremists by literally posting extremist things themselves and then having their own posts marked with (you) on them when presented to a court.

    • Amish says:

      Imagine being this new.

    • peef rimgar says:

      Must be summer

  2. Pattern aside, they are putn’ a lot of trust into those poor lil G-hooks.

    • We’re actually not the first to use G hooks for shoulder strap attachment points. Other manufacturers have done so before.

      • They hold up for lighter loadouts good enough, but do anything like dragging drills and you get them bent up pretty quick. Since more of a funzies piece might be worth looking into Cobra FM buckles, but understandably shoots up the cost.

    • paul says:

      What’s wrong with the g-hook? SKD and Ferro both used g-hooks on their plate carriers in the same manner.

      • I overall like my PIG plate carrier, but load that sumbitch up with plates and 6 mags, you’re gonna get some bent G-hooks. Also on similar designs the webbing wants to pop-out of the G-hook seemingly every time you lay the rig down.

  3. PTMcCain says:

    Never go full retard.

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