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PHLster – ARC Enhanced WML Switch

For years, serious shooters have been executing DIY modifications to their WML switches. Using JB Weld, putty, or epoxy, shooters have been improving their speed and consistency of WML activation by building up the small switch nubs on their lights. Drawing on those years of end- user experience, PHLster is excited to follow up their Surefire X300 Switch Enhancements with a set of switches for the Streamlight TLR-1s and TLR-2s.

Shipping as a set of two replacement switch paddles, the ARC allows users to decrease the distance between activation fingers and switches, optimize their light for right or left handed use, improve speed and consistency of activation based on their preferred method, and reliably engage the WML switches with gloved or wet hands.

Each kit includes two switches, both longer than stock. One switch is symmetrical and the other is asymmetrical. Users can choose between having equally long switches on both sides or having one side longer than the other, depending on their preference.

Switch installation is easy and requires no permanent modification. The stock switch paddles are removed and installed with a single screw, using the included hex key. And, the ARC switch enhancements fit pretty much every decent WML holster on the market, including Safariland and many, many others.

At launch, the TLR ARC is available at and for $24.99.

6 Responses to “PHLster – ARC Enhanced WML Switch”

  1. Willis Bee says:

    Why not just get the TLR-7 the new switches ? Does anyone know if this add on will void Streamlight warranty ?

    • justin says:

      I think this is just a simple allen key turn and swap. You can hold on to your original if you are worried about your light crapping out and swap it out before service.

  2. Bradkaf308 says:

    I think Kit Badger has a video on it.

  3. Paul T McCain says:


  4. SN says:

    Gonna give this a try.

  5. magician says:

    Ordered while Preorder Phase – had them in the mailbox in the same week. Got them on my SureFire, but only can use the small or middle one. The long ones wobble too much due to Surefires design (friction, toolless, hold on a metal bar that has some flex). But the one of the TLR look sturdy by design.