SIG MMG 338 Program Series

ACU testing

The Army plans on testing two new variants of the ACU beginning in July. The overall goal of the test is to remedy shortcomings of the current design. Specifically, they will be testing a 50/50 NYCO Twill instead of the current 50/50 NYCO ripstop fabric. The new test fabric features more mechanical stretch than the ripstop. In addition to the current wrinkle free finish the Army will also investigate a soil release treatment. The Army also aims to reduce the amount of hook and pile tape on the uniform by 16% for the coat and 33% for the trousers. For the coat this will be accomplished by moving the top piece of velcro down and reducing the size of each piece to 1/2″ squares. The bicep pocket velcro will also be reduced in overall size and the glint tape will be moved to the velcro. The trouser cargo pockets will undergo a major overhaul and the hook and pile tape will be replaced with either buttons or snaps. Additionally, the pen pocket is being modified. There will be a pen pocket on the inside of the front closure and sleeve pen pocket will be enlarged to accommodate three sharpies in addition to a new closure flap. They are reshaping the collar so that it will stay down. Finally, the crotch of the trousers is being reinforced.

1400 Soldiers at Ft Lewis, Ft Bliss, and Ft Carson should begin receiving candidate ACUs in July. Testing will last for 60 – 90 days.

Sleeve Buttons

Pen Pocket

ACU Crotch Reinforcement

ACU Cargo Pocket with Buttons


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