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Air Force FIRESAFE Program

The Air Force Clothing Office is hard at work developing new clothing for Airmen serving in ground combat.

The overarching program is called FIRESAFE and charged with development of the Airman Combat System – Ground, Fire Resistant Airman Battle Uniform and the thus far, ill-fated Airman Battle Shirt.

The Fire Resistant Airman Battle Uniform should be on track as the Air Force is leveraging an Army contract for the FR ACU and has only to decide how the coat’s pockets will be laid out. Amazingly, this remains a point of contention for all of the FR clothing items even though they have no garrison application. There is still a faction that wants the enlisted to wear their stripes on their sleeves even in the field.

The Airman Combat System – Ground will consist of under garments, a battle uniform, cold weather clothing, ballistic protection, load carrying system, and ancillary items (these were unspecified).

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