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Supply Captain IR ID Devices

Supply Captain

Supply Captain is run by a Veteran US Army Quartermaster officer Mark Ciaglia. Frustration in finding Soldier Systems items inspired Mark to open his own business with his wife Melinda. They specialize in products such as 550 cord, custom pouches, as well IR Infrared patches and badges. They are manufacturers of an entire gamut of IR Combat ID devices including squares, flags, MP, unit patches, blood tapes, and unit ID’s. That’s right, unit patches, and what’s more, they will do custom items. All of their IR products have been tested and approved by Natick Labs for use by US Army, Marines, Air Force and Navy units. One important issue is that these devices are covered by ITAR and you must be a registered Military or LE user with Supply Captain in order to purchase their IR products.

Unit PatchesBlood TapesSupply Captain IR Flags

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