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TAG Releasable Plate Carrier


Recently TAG introduced the Rampage, a split front plate carrier designed to accommodate any size trauma plate. The carrier has a removable cummerbund as well as removable side plate pouches. Designed to accept a soft armor package, the split front allows you to quickly don and doff the carrier via side entry.

TAG Rampage Plate Carrier
Rampage Plate Carrier

TAG has also released the Rampage Armor Package, a Level IIIA soft armor made of 100% Twaron exclusively for TAG by International Armor. The Rampage Soft Armor includes the front panel, back panel, and cummerbund armor and weighs 2lbs 12oz.

TAG Releasable Plate Carrier
New Releasable Plate Carrier

But TAG didn’t stop there. Almost immediately they began work on the next evolutionary step in Plate Carriers; Releasability. TAG combined their highly successful vest cut away system with the innovative design of the Rampage. Soldier Systems Daily had a chance to view the design last week and we are very excited about the potential. We have always been a fan of their cut away and appreciate the engineering that went into the design. You can see the cut away pillow at the neckline just above the flag. They have also integrated non-skid panels in order to provide a stable platform for small arms. This new carrier is poised to be released soon.

For more information contact Tactical Assault Gear.

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