Norotos Releases New Mount

Norotos AKA2 HMA MountNorotos AKA2 HMA Mount

Norotos just released the new AKA2 HMA mount, their latest in an evolutionary family of helmet mounts for Night Vision Goggles. The AKA2 was developed by Norotos using Internal R&D Dollars and not to satisfy a Government solicitation. Their goal was reduce NVG “wobble” to almost zero. The second goal was to develop a “universal” mount. As most of our readers know there are currently three types of mounts to attach NVGs to helmets: 1-hole, 3-Hole and Ratchet Strap. This will help control manufacturing costs and assist the end-user who may change Night Vision Systems during a rotation to theater.

Norotos AKA2 HMA Mount
Using two different sockets the AKA2 HMA mount is compatible with PVS-7 and PVS-14 as well as the PVS-15, PVS-18, and PVS-21. The sockets can be swapped out at the touch of a button. In addition to its versatility, the mount also features vertical adjustment, tilt adjustment, and eye relief.

Norotos Universal Shroud
The Universal Shroud can be fitted to a MICH/ACH, LWH, or CVC in three different ways:
1. Navy-style 3-hole
2. Army-style 1 hole
3. Optional ratchet strap

For more information contact Norotos.


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