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Magpul PMAG Update


By now you should be familiar with Magpul’s excellent PMAG (Polymer MAGazine). There are several models already available and more improvements on the way. The 30 round configuration has been around for awhile as a standard magazine (if you could call anything built by Magpul as standard) and a new variant called the Mag-Level version with a small window to verify the number of rounds in the magazine was recently released. There is a new translucent training mag. The training mag is designed to quickly verify whether or not a magazine is loaded. The followers, floor plates and snap covers are in a safety orange color. The PMAG is now also available in 20 round.

Magpul Maglevel PMAGMagpul Orange PMAGMagpul Pmag 20

Additionally, Magpul’s ever popular Ranger Plates have now been engineered specifically for the PMAG and are now available to easily retrofit your PMAGs. Magpul is also poised to release a maritime floor plate for the PMAG with drainage holes. These are color matched to the PMAGs and available in tactical colors.

Magpul PMAG Ranger Plate

Magpul is selling PMAGs to AAFES but unfortunately, none have been seen for sale in theater. This may be due to ITAR restrictions. Whenever they are in stock at CONUS PXs they quickly sell out.

Magpul PMAG InfoMagpul PMAG Accessories

They are available in a wide range of colors to satisfy everyone from the deployed military member to the recreational shooter. Colors include Black, Olive Drab, Flat Dark Earth, Foliage Green, Olive Drab, Orange, Bright Green, and Pink.

PMAGs are available from a wide variety of sources including Magpul, Grey Group Training, and Advanced Outfitters.

All photos property of Magpul, LLC except for the picture of the Orange PMAGs which is used with the permission of Advanced Outfitters. Caution: PMAGs are controlled by US State Department ITAR and cannot be exported from the US without proper authorization. Check local laws before purchasing/possessing PMAGs. Certain magazine sizes are restricted in some areas.

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