Klymit Insulation

Klymit is an Ogden Utah based small business dedicated to revolutionary insulation technologies for the outdoor industry. Most recently, they have developed a Noble gas based insulation. Adapting air-based insulation systems, they developed a valve and storage system for noble-gases which are far more stable than the standard air that we breathe. This means no frozen condensation or leaks. The system is lighter, loftier, and more compactable than fabric insulation. What’s more, the wearer can control the amount of insulation utilizing the valve. The Noble gasses used in the Klymit system are eco-friendly as well as non-toxic, colorless, orderless, and 100% safe. The gas required for the system comes in small cartridges similar to those used for a CO2 airgun.

Klymit has several prototype garments including jackets, pants, ski boots, and gloves. Companies interested in licensing the technology should contact Klymit here.

How Klymit Insulation is Made

For more information check out their website.

All graphics courtesy of Klymit.


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