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Mk-16 Combo Tool

Mk-16 Combo Tool from CJ Weapons Accessories

CJ Weapons Accessories is owned by Retired Marine Master Sergeant Jon Morgan. He introduced the Mk-16 at SHOT 07 in Orlando so its been kicking around for a couple of years. It is used by quite a few folks but hasn’t gotten the exposure it deserves.

The multi-tool style MK-16 Combo Tool is a compact (4.5″ X 2″) alternative to an armorer’s toolkit. While it does not include everything needed to conduct maintenance on the M-16 family of weapons, it is a great option for forward deployed personnel who are limited by space on what they can take with them. Tools include: Screw driver, Bore cleaning pull-through rod, Bolt pin punch, Broken shell extractor, Bolt carrier carbon scraper, Bolt face carbon scraper, A1 rear sight tool, A1 and A2 sight adjusting tools, Bolt carrier key cleaning brush, M4 nut wrench, and Receiver pin punch.

You can watch a video demonstration of the Mk-16 from Brigade Quartermaster below.

The Mk-16 is Made in the USA and available from Brigade Quartermaster.

Image courtesy of CJ Weapons.

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