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It’s not like Triple Aught Designs ever has a problem selling out any of their limited production run custom knives and tool. Notice I said “selling out” and just “selling”. Items like the new Ti Skeleton Key sell so well that TAD employees can’t even get copies. In fact, telling the whole world about these works of art will probably ensure that there won’t be any in stock when I attempt to order one but how can I keep quiet about these?

TAD has these babies pumped out by their local machine shop which also makes parts for the F-22. Machined from a billet of 0.185″ 6Al-4V titanium. As you can see below, there are a variety of tools built right into the Skeleton Key but its use is only limited by your imagination.

TAD Ti Skeleton Key

The Ti Skeleton key features the following: Terminator skull graphic, flathead screw driver, spanner wrench tip, pry tip, nail puller, and bottle cap lifter.

TAD Ti Skeleton Key - Spanner Tip
Note that the spanner wrench tip is the perfect size to perform that oft delayed Strider maintenance.

Available soon from Triple Aught Designs.

Photos courtesy of TAD


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