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We have decided to alter the site’s name slightly in order to more accurately express what is going on here. One of our readers recently suggested the name “Soldier Systems Daily” and mulling it over, we decided he is right. We aren’t a true blog. We don’t pontificate on the woes of the world and we don’t feature feedback from our readers like traditional blogs. The reason is simple, we are a news source; a daily news source.

Our initial inspiration was the old Gear Guru website modernized with a serious dash of Gizmodo. Obviously, the Soldier Systems world isn’t nearly as big as the gadget-verse so we can’t publish as much as they do. But all things considered we are doing a pretty good job of keeping up. We started out publishing one article a day. Now we are at a steady two articles a day and depending on material have published up to six articles in a day. Of course, we aren’t anything without our readers and content. Spread the word amongst your friends and colleagues. We provide new material daily and a visit only once a week won’t keep you up to date. Also, keep those emails rolling in. Finally, we promise to continue with the same streamlined format that our readership praises.

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