Smamit PaLoop

We are always interested in innovative solutions for attaching pouches to PALS webbing. Israeli company Smamit has developed the “Smamit PaLoop” to attach US PALS-style and British Osprey pouches onto PALS Webbing commonly found on everything from packs to body armor. It is made from 25 mm mil-spec nylon webbing with a Nexus 25 mm Delrin Looploc attached on one end. You weave it through webbing bars on the back of the pouch like a Tactical Tailor MALICE clip. All of their production pouches as well as custom solutions are available with the PaLoop attachment.

Smamit PaLoop Smamit PaLoop Smamit PaLoop
Sequence of attachment for Smamit’s PaLoop.

For more information on their entire product line check out their website.

All photos courtesy of Smamit.


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