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215 Gear’s Blended Operator Hat

As 215 Gear claims on their website, “This is not your typical baseball hat”. I first saw this cap on the head of 215 Gear’s owner during the 1st Annual GQ Workshop sponsored by DIY Tactical, Grey Group Training, and Soldier Systems Daily and I thought, “Cool!”.

215 Gear’s Blended Operator Hat

Ok, so its blended, but what does that mean? Well, it features side mesh panels that help with air circulation, and that my friends is an industry first. Sure, you’ll say that truckers did it first, but no one else has adapted the style to the operator hat. Now that feature alone would make the hat worth ordering but 215 Gear also integrated a few other features. The brim’s underside is a black velcro pile to help shield the eyes from glare and serve as a platform for small lights. Additionally, a square of velcro pile has been sewn to the crown of the hat where a button is normally found. This can be used to affix IFF squares. A 2″ x 3″ velcro pile patch has been sewn to the front and rear of the cap in order to attach flags and other patches. Finally, the size is adjustable at the rear via a velcro closure.

215 Gear’s Blended Operator Hat - Khaki

One size fits all and available in Multicam with Khaki panels or Khaki on Khaki. Made by American craftsmen right here in the USA, 215 Gear offers a lifetime guarantee for the hat.

To order check out 215 Gear’s website.


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