Tactical Tailor

Optimal SWAT

State of the art training is now a priority not only for firearms but also physical fitness, including proper nutrition. As more military and law enforcement members begin to look for a physical edge, companies such as Optimal SWAT with previous experience in the mainstream fitness industry have begun to offer tailored programs for the tactical community. Optimal SWAT is helmed by well known trainer and author Will Brink who has combined his years of experience in the gym with his desire to help America’s armed professionals.

As you can see from the video, while the training itself is decidedly low tech, the regimen focuses on improvement at tasks that our warriors face on a daily basis. Training includes functional strength, improving bodyweight to strength ratios, dealing with unbalanced loads, conditioning, as well as grip strength. All of this is combined with shooting rotations designed to greatly improve performance and shooting under stress.

Visit the Optimal SWAT website to check out more on their background, articles, videos, and training schedules.


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