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Ardica Technologies – Updated

Ardica Technologies

Ardica Technologies specializes in lightweight, environmentally friendly fuel cells. They are concentrating on developing consumer and commercial wearable heat and power as well as portable soldier power. Several companies are beginning to integrate the technology in to their garments. The heart of the matter is Ardica’s Moshi Power System, which relies on new Lithium Ion battery technology coupled with a micro controller and a wall charger. A technology connector kit is also available which comes with a backpack cable and a three-in-one connector for both running and charging various consumer electronics.

Ardica Technologies

Not only will the system power an on board heater for either eight and-a-half hours on low heat or three hours on high (peak 100 deg), it will also charge ancillary gear such as up to 11 full charges on a cellphone or a whopping 20 on an iPod. Considering the possibilities, the added cost of $35 to $50 per garment is reasonable. However, weight is still an issue. Each Lithium Ion battery weighs half a pound with a total system weight of one pound.

Ardica Technologies Lithium Ion Battery Pack

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