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Dutch Seek New Camo Pattern

In the Royal Netherlands Marine Corps journal, “Qua Patet Orbis“,

Dutch Camo Candidate Patterns

The five patterns at the bottom of the photo are (left to right): random color distribution (fractal), desert, woodland, urban and universal.

In all, eight patterns are being considered: one being universal, two patterns are “multicamouflage patterns” for use in more than one environment, and the last five are terrain specific patterns.

One of the most significant points brought up in the article is that with the adoption of the new pattern (or patterns) the Dutch military would cease to use American and British patterns.

The evaluation is considering three important factors:
– The effectiveness of the camouflage
– The psychological effect on the wearer. How does the wearer feel about the pattern and do they trust its ability to conceal the wearer?
– The new pattern must be unique and worn only by the Dutch

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