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SOG Knives manufactures several models of multi-tools and I have been using the Black Oxide PowerLock EOD for several years. SOG’s multi-tools offer a variety of unique features. One of the smartest things they have done is position the cap crimper in the handle rather than the jaws of the pliers. This position combined with the compound pressure design allows you to apply plenty of pressure to the task of crimping.

SOG PowerLock EOD

Additionally, on the newer model the pliers are true needle nose. As you can see the tips of the needle nose now come to a definite point. SOG has also incorporated a hard wire cutter on each PowerLock.

SOG Pliers

The compound pressure feature seen below uses a set of gears to increase the leverage placed on the tool by your natural grip by two-fold.

SOG Power Lock

One of the greatest things about SOG Tools is that they are modular. Over time, you may need additional capabilities beyond your requirements when you first acquired your tool. By removing the hex head bolt that holds the individual tool heads in place you can swap out individual tools. This feature makes the SOG Tool a long-term investment. The array of tools available is incredible and grows regularly.

1/4″ Drive
1/4″ Socket Adapter
3″ 1/2 Serrated Blade
3″ Serrated Blade
3″ Straight Blade
Bottle Opener & Medium Screwdriver
C-4 Spike
Can Opener & Small Screwdriver
Double Tooth Saw
File (3 Sided)
Handle Covers
Phillips Screwdriver
Robertson Drive
Screwdriver (Large)
Serrated Line Cutter

SOG provides an excellent chart that correlates features with different models.

For more information check out SOG Knives.


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