215 Gear’s Operator Retention Lanyards

215 Gear’s Operator Retention Lanyard (Frog Style)

215 Gear has developed a family of retention lanyards used to secure the wearer to a fixed point like say, a helicopter floor, and one of these new lanyards is like no other on the market. The Frog style utilizes a Frog carabiner which in the climbing world serves the same purpose as utilizing dual carabiners. Additionally, it is easier to use than a standard carabiner or pelican clip (snap shackle) because it closes automatically when in contact with an anchor point. The Frog style lanyard comes with one end fitted with a snap shackle and the other end with a Frog fitting. The snap shackle connects to the first line belt or harness and the Frog carabiner to the anchor point. Manufactured from Mil-Spec 1” tubular is rated to 4,000 lbs with eight, 42 stitch bartacks on each running end, the Frog is rated to 26 KN (approximately 5,850 lbs).

215 Gear’s Operator Retention Lanyard Frog

215’s retention lanyards currently come in four varieties to suit a wide range of requirements but they are already working on a specialist design for aircrewmen.

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