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Grip Pod

Grip Pod Systems’ innovative Vertical Foregrip/Bipod has been well received by most troops for its ability to provide a stable shooting platform on a wide variety of surfaces. Mounted on a Picatinny Rail, users simply press a button in the top back of the grip and a spring-loaded bipod shoots out. To stow the legs, simply push them back up into the grip until they lock. Already, U.S. Tactical Supply is fulfilling a $6.9 million contract awarded in 2007 to supply 60,250 units Grip Pod Systems and they are providing a further 86,182 via an early 2008 contract. Additionally, the British Army is poised to begin receiving the item. In order to meet these demands, production is proceeding at 30,000 units per month.

Grip Pod

The Grip Pod currently comes in two models, one with aluminum legs at 11 oz. and one with polymer at 7oz. In addition, a Squad Designated Marksman version with longer legs allowing canting on uneven surfaces is arriving soon. A new accessory called the Grip Pod Light Rail involves one or two short Picatinny rails to be mounted with the grip allowing flashlights or other items to be manipulated by the thumb. Also, mounting a PEQ-4 laser designator in such close proximity eliminates any cord wrap issues.

One of the impressive features of the unit is that one can place the bipod on a thigh for rapid deployment even while slung. It also works well despite the use of MOLLE, Plates, etc.

Grip Pods are available from U.S. Tactical Supply.

-Story Submitted by Mike Perry

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