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Mystery Ranch Names SOCOM Pack Winner

Mystery Ranch owner, chief designer, and head bottle washer Dana Gleason has christened the winner of the SOCOM pack (Recce Ruck category) competition the TactiPlane, seemingly in honor of its forbear the Terraplane (from Dana Design) which saw quite a bit of duty in the 90s on the back of some of America’s most elite commandos. In fact, there was a period of time before the UM-21 (aka Strap Master 2000) was fielded as a component of SPEAR BALCS that a militarized Terraplane was in the offing. But it was not to be. SOCOM would have to wait a full ten years to begin receiving a general issue pack from the genius of Dana Gleason.

The new TactiPlane incorporates Mystery Ranch Bolster Ventilation and Stability (BVS) system to stabilize the pack when worn over body armor and features a slimmed down lumbar pad. For old school fans of the original Terraplane, the long pockets on the back of the pack are present but a stuff sack style sleeping bag compartment offers an improvement over the zippered access.

Although details for a civilian release of the Coyote Brown TactiPlane are not yet available, Mystery Ranch offers an excellent family of packs that combine leading edge commercial load carrying technology adapted to designs inspired by close interaction with military customers.

For those customers with specialized requirements contact Mystery Ranch to discuss your needs. For all others check out Mystery Ranch online.


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