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Heavy Coverâ„¢ Canteen Cup Lid from BQM

Brigade Quartermaster has been outfitting American troops with innovative products for over 30 years. The Heavy Coverâ„¢ Canteen Cup Lid is just another in a long line of kit that makes me scratch my head and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” I can remember boiling water in a canteen cup over a fire with a piece of bark on top as an expedient lid. Not to mention all of those times that I would get to the bottom of my coffee and find plenty of dirt. This thing is pure genius. My only question is, where were these things 20 years ago?


What I think is really cool about this design that snaps in place much like a Tupperware lid is that it incorporates a drinking spout. The lid available in Black and is made in the USA.

To order visit BrigadeQM.


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