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USMC Boot Resole Program by NuShoe

NuShoe offers footwear refurbishment programs for several commercial vendors including Belleville, makers of the Marine Corps Hot Weather boot. It just so happens that NuShoe offers a special boot resoling program for specifically for Marines to repair the issue Hot Weather boot.

USMC Boot Resole Program by NuShoe

The before and after picture provided by NuShoe shows an actual pair of boots that they have resoled and repaired. Advantages to resoling include lower cost than purchasing new boots as well as avoiding the need to break them in. NuShoe will resole a pair of hot Weather boots for $50.00. What’s more, local cobblers cannot replace polyurethane mid-soles so the two to three week turn around time is very quick.

To learn more about NuSHoe visit them on the web at www.NuShoe.com.


2 Responses to “USMC Boot Resole Program by NuShoe”

  1. arnie gerstein says:

    Can you replace the entire full length polyurethane heel and sole for an SAS shoe. And the cost? I had the heel replace and it wore out quickly. Probably from not being polyurethane, and they had to dig into the polyurethuane and build i back up again.

    The original is one piece all at the same level.

    Thank you,


  2. Administrator says:


    You do realize that this post is over two years old and that we don’t fix boots here at Soldier Systems Daily?