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C.A.T. M4 Tool

The M16 family of weapons has been the standard rifle of the Arsenal of Democracy for over 40 years and yet, there have been few attempts at producing proper cleaning tools. To be sure, there are lots of expedient devices such as dental pics, but nothing has ever been specifically tailored for the role. Two Special Forces veterans were sitting around a table discussing just this dilemma. Their concern was that they were employed as small arms marksmanship and tactics trainers and their students couldn’t adequately maintain their weapons. As they began to go back and forth on desirable features for such a tool, a sketch began to form. That drawing became the M4 Tool and those two veteran gunfighters formed Combat Application Tools, Inc.

CAT M4 Features

As you can see in the diagram, the patented M4 Tool features five specific capabilities to clean the M16 family of weapons. It is is American Made and cast from 400 series stainless steel while the bolt cleaning chamber is CNC machined to precisely fit a mil-spec bolt. During a demonstration of the tool on a recent trip to Fayetteville, it made quick work of an outrageously dirty carbine bolt and carrier group. It is also lightweight, compact, and designed to work with the small tool heads supplied as part of SOPMOD.

To order visit Combat Application Tools, Inc. is looking for retailers for the M4 Tool.

Additionally, the CAT M4 Tool is available from Blackheart International.

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