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Cable Releasable Cobra Buckles

Archangel Armor, LLC

Archangel Armor, LLC (AAA) has been working with AustriAlpin of Austria to develop a cable releasable version of their popular Cobra buckle. The Cobra buckle is the only side quick release in the world that will not release accidentally by human or mechanical error when under load. They are going one step further and also developing a cable releasable plastic buckle as well and AAA recently demonstrated both types of buckles to us. AAA uses the new buckles as part of their Internal Frame Load Bearing Armor system.

AustriAlpin Buckle AustriAlpin Buckle

While they are covered under Patent applications they have asked that we not release too much information on the buckles just yet. We have received a lot of inquiries from interested parties on whether the buckles will be made available commercially and the short answer is yes.

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