Mk14 Mod0 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher

Milkor USA Mk14 Mod0 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher

Milkor USA displayed the latest incarnation of their rotary 40mm Grenade Launcher at NAVEXFOR. USSOCOM recently fielded 230 of the new Mk14 Mod0 (NSN 1010-01-568-3179). As you can see from the photo, the Mk14 is slightly shorter than the M32 fielded to the US Marine Corps. The Marines currently are looking at an additional purchase to augment he M32s already in service and both the M32 and Mk14 have been offered as candidates.

Milkor USA M2A1 Reflexive Sight

Additionally, the M2A1 Reflex Sight is seeing some success on its own. One customer has already purchased the sight for dual-use on their M203 equipped carbines and Milkor USA is working to enhance the performance of the sight with rifles as well preparing to introduce a new mount for Mil Std 1913 rail equipped weapons.

More information is available from Milkor USA.


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