TNVC has released a new thin ring SAR-3PS unit that is only 1/4″ wide (ring portion) to fit in very tight spots. Naturally, the “S” at the end of the mount name denotes slim. The slim unit was designed since so many rings take up a lot of real estate on the primary scope and can be difficult to fit properly. Just like the already successful SAR-3P it is a 30mm design. TNVC also offers a SAR-4 which features a 34mm ring.

TNVC SA-3PS Mounted on AR

Prior to the new slim design, the SAR-3P improved on the earlier SAR-3 as it has one Picatinny slot cut into the center slot and the rest is Weaver. The SAR-3P is also a 1/4″ shorter than the previous SAR-3.

To order, visit Tactical Night Vision Corporation. As always, TNVC has some great package deals on offer.

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