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Vuzix Debuts CamAR Augmented Reality Headset

Augmented Reality; the combination of real-world and computer generated data. At the recent 2009 Game Developers Conference, Vuzix debuted a camera add-on for their iWear VR920 video headset which surveys the space in front of the cam, and superimposes interactive, 3D graphics on top.

Gizmodo provides some excellent coverage.

Now, imagine combining this capability with the “Sixth Sense” technology from MIT that we wrote about last week. No more need for a mouse. Perhaps it could be further combined with an image augmentation systems such as image intensification or thermal. Now was are talking Predator vision. You see a target in any condition. You gesture with your fingers to conjure key data such as vulnerable points or to collect additional photos. Wow! And the best part? All of this is actually doable…today.

See also Vuzix.

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