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Mechanix Wear Vision Wear –

Tuesday, September 6th, 2022

Around the 4th of July I started noticing Mechanix Wear had introduced safety eyewear to their line.

They even wrapped some of their trucks. To be sure, Mechanix Wear and NASCAR go together like two peas in a pod, but this image certainly caught my eye.

Sure, he’s a hunter, but that’s closer to tactical use than the gloves were when they were brought over to tactical from garage wear due to their comfort, dexterity and value.

But then somebody sent me this photo from the 29 Palms ServMart. It appears that units are already buying the safety glasses for use in the shop.

It took awhile after individuals and units were buying gloves before they created specific tactical models. Hopefully, we’ll some dedicated MIL-SPEC styles from Mechanix Wear soon.


Oakley Standard Issue Announces American Heritage Collection

Tuesday, July 12th, 2022

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA. – July 12, 2022 – Oakley® Standard Issue has announced the launch of the new American Heritage Collection to honor and recognize the distinctive nose art seen on 1940s allied military aircraft. The three-piece collection features Gascan®, Holbrook™ and Drop Point™ models, all uniquely designed to commemorate the rich history and individuality behind these iconic aircraft and their crews.

“We’re excited to introduce the latest addition to our American Heritage collection paying tribute to the iconic aircraft art from the 1940s,” said Erick Poston, Senior Director of Oakley SI. “This method of self-expression allowed these men to showcase their individuality and give their planes a persona to not only keep them safe, but also give them some reminders of home.”

Born from practicality in identifying friendly units from foe, the nose art on these aircraft gave each plane its own personality. These designs were morale-boosting, good-luck charms, and reminders of personal lives, hobbies, characteristics and much more. It is a kind of folk art that provides a unique insight into the mindset of the aircrew and ground personnel who were thrust into an environment where the only certainty was the uncertainty of their survival.

The American Heritage Collection consists of three different configurations from Oakley’s assortment with options in the Holbrook™, Gascan® and Drop Point™ models. All eyewear includes Prizm™ Lens Technology and features a unique scheme associated with historic aircraft designs. MSRP starting at $183.

To learn more about the American Heritage Collection, check out this article on OakleySI.com.

To become a member or learn more about Oakley Standard Issue, visit OakleySI.com. Details about products, promotions and future offers can also be found on the Oakley SI Instagram, Facebook and YouTube pages.

Grayman and Company Introduce Sunglasses

Thursday, June 23rd, 2022

Grayman and Company has been talking to me quietly about their plans for a pair of sunglasses for a while. These were born from the need for executive protection and plainclothes guys who want sophisticated looking sunglasses that you can wear with a suit, but with the protection of polycarbonate sport sunglasses or eyepro.

The Grayman and Company sunglasses come in two Wayfarer-inspired styles and an aviator style. They feature a groundbreaking Japanese Urethane-based lens that has far superior polarization, optical clarity and scratch resistance to the polycarbonate lenses we’re used to, but maintains high-velocity impact resistance in-line with ANSI Z87.1+ testing methodology. They are currently not rated for Z87.1+, as the lack of side-shot protection would instantly disqualify them. I’m told they’re working on some solutions to this. The Urethane lens holds a lot of promise and there don’t appear to be any major peers or competitors who use this lens technology, yet.

Check them out at sunglasses.grayman.company

Channel Your Inner Top Gun with Aviators

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022

The aviator is one of the most iconic sunglass styles of all time. Aviation eyewear has a long and rich history that can be traced back to the late 1800s, however aviators as we know them today were originally designed for military use during World War II. Millions of them were built and distributed via military purchase orders. Shortly thereafter, movie stars took a liking to the style and it wasn’t long until companies started to produce them for the general public. They were a massive hit and quickly became one of the most recognizable sunglass styles. They have withstood the test of time have been consistently worn by many ever since.

The Randolph Engineering Aviator is one of the most popular and high quality on the market today. These frames are handmade in the USA in Randolph, Massachusetts. A single pair of their glasses goes through a 200 step process that passes through 50 people’s hands, and takes about 6 weeks to complete!

They are also available for purchase with our custom, USA-made prescription lenses!

Above are just a few of the many variations on the aviator style. Due to their immense popularity, just about any glasses brand you can think of has an aviator style frame. As with anything that becomes popular enough, there are countless cheap imitations and knock-offs that have flooded the market. Tread carefully and make sure you do your research to find a pair that will both adequately protect your eyes and make sense for how you plan to use them. 

We take pride in offering only frames that are quality made and built to hold up over time. We are always happy to make frame recommendations as well!

Has it been 2 years since your last eye exam?  You need to get a checkup!  See as well as possible with a new up-to-date prescription and catch any potential eye health problems before they become a bigger problem.  Dr. Andrew Benson of VCC Eye Care is open for exams at Sports Optical in Denver.  Please call us at 303-455-3369 or email [email protected] to schedule your exam.


SHOT Show 22 – Gentex Photochromatic Step-In Visor

Friday, January 21st, 2022

Gentex’s Ops-Core has added a new photochromatic lens option to their Step-In Visor for their helmets.

Integrated with the helmet, the Step-In Visor sits close to the eye so they can still be worn even when using NODs. Below you can see how the lens darkens when exposed to bright light.

Revision Announces New Laser Eye Protection Designed for Aviators at the 2022 SHOT Show

Saturday, January 15th, 2022

Essex Junction, Vermont (January 15, 2022) – Revision Military, the world leader in ballistic and laser protective eyewear systems, announces a new laser eye protection solution optimized for aviator protection and awareness. Developed with the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Revision’s CALI-C lens formulation offers eye protection that protects against common handheld laser hazards while performing in a cockpit environment.

Above: CALI-C is being offered in two configurations tailored for either fixed-wing or rotary-wing environments: The Aviator SF-2 frame (left) offers a lightweight metal frame with dual lenses – low profile and ideal for a fixed-wing cockpit. The StingerHawk® frame (right) offers a single wrap-around lens for maximum coverage, ballistic protection, and anti-fog performance for rotary-wing cockpits.

“Each year the FAA reports a higher rate of laser strikes against aircraft, putting aviators at risk,” said Revision CEO Amy Coyne.  “Over the past decade, Revision has been partnered with AFRL on laser eye protection solutions for the military.  This CALI-C formulation represents a real solution that gives aviators peace of mind while operating in low-altitude operations, keeping them safe and reducing the impact of laser hazards on their mission.”

The CALI (Commercial Aviation Low Intensity) solution was developed by AFRL in collaboration with Revision Military and successfully tested and evaluated by Washington State Patrol pilots.  The Personnel Protection Team at AFRL’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate is headed by Dr. Matthew Lange, who says “Simply put, the lenses maximize protection while minimizing the impact to the cockpit.”

Above: Flight Officer Cameron Iverson of the Washington State Patrol tested CALI laser protective lenses formulated at Air Force Research Laboratory’s Materials and Manufacturing Directorate. (AFRL courtesy photo)

The ideal cockpit laser eye protection solution offers the following:  a wide range of protection given the variety of laser hazards; lenses that don’t interfere with the cockpit instrument panel yet transmit enough light to be worn at night when most laser incidents occur; and are easy to don and doff featuring frames that integrate with cockpit head borne equipment (headsets, helmets, etc).  Therefore, a set of laser protective eyewear designed for a ground-to-ground laser hazard isn’t ideal for the cockpit.  The CALI-C solution was developed to maximize aviator protection and situational awareness – solving the challenges of laser eye protection in a cockpit environment.

Revision research scientists look to design formulations that consider the specific end-user environment and needs. Both rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft have the benefit of altitude, which means a reduction in the rate of eye damage, but a heightened threat of distraction, disorientation, and flash blindness as laser light can fill a cockpit with bright light in an instant. The CALI-C formulation takes this into account by offering a wide band of protection without compromising light transmission – a critical point given most aviation laser incidents happen at night.  

CALI-C is being offered in two configurations tailored for either fixed-wing or rotary-wing environments: The Aviator SF-2 frame offers a lightweight metal frame with dual lenses – low profile and ideal for a fixed-wing cockpit. The StingerHawk® frame offers a single wrap-around lens for maximum coverage, ballistic protection, and anti-fog performance for rotary-wing cockpits. Both configurations of the CALI-C formulation are restricted for sale to aviation end users only. Please contact [email protected] for more information. Additional background information about the laser hazards for aviation, and the development of the CALI-C product can be found here.

Revision Announces Improved Fit & Performance for SnowHawk Cold Weather Goggle and Balaclava Systems

Friday, December 17th, 2021

Essex Junction, Vermont (December 17, 2021) – Revision Military, world leader in ballistic and laser protective eyewear systems, announces improved fit and performance for SnowHawk Cold Weather Goggle and Balaclava systems. Improvements include migrating from a single size balaclava to two sizes – better accommodating a wide range of end users while ensuring secure and comfortable fit – and also expanding the available balaclava line to include additional U.S. Berry compliant and Aclima® wool options.

“SnowHawk continues to be a unique product in the military and tactical market, and we’re excited to evolve the product line and it’s performance,” said Revision CEO Amy Coyne. “Revision recognizes the growing need for cold weather equipment designed not only to protect in extreme climates and conditions, but also optimize the performance of end-users. Revision is continuing to expand our capabilities for protective eyewear systems thoughtfully tailored to specific environments.”

Cold climate operations have become an essential tactical focus for militaries around the world, with many dedicating more resources and training to maneuvers in the Arctic and other cold weather regions. This shift has generated a growing demand for gear that can withstand harsh conditions and function in extreme environments. Extensive time, attention, and resources were dedicated to ensuring the breathability of this cold weather system: Mesh over the mouth and nose directs breath away from the goggle; the dual-pane thermal gasket lens creates an insulated barrier; built-in top and lateral forced-air vents provide constant airflow; and, Revision’s leading OcuMax© Plus coating is applied on the inside of the lens to prevent fogging, plus a hard-coat is applied to the outside of the lens to resist scratching. The SnowHawk system’s balaclava features Anon’s Magnetic Facemask Integration (MFI®) technology to seamlessly integrate the goggle and balaclava, ensuring stabilization and seal, with no skin exposed. The system achieves total face and head coverage, but is also intuitively designed for ease of use and swift removal when necessary.

Revision developed this goggle system in collaboration with Anon Optics, a leader in goggle design for snow sports and a brand owned by Burton Snowboards, one of the world’s premier snowsports companies. The SnowHawk Cold Weather System is the first-ever fully integrated ballistic goggle and balaclava system offering complete face coverage, superior anti-fog performance, and ballistic protection.

Select SnowHawk google kits are on the U.S. Army Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL), and multiple goggle and balaclava combinations have National Stock Numbers (NSNs). Visit revisionmilitary.com for more information.

Leading Global Eyewear Manufacturer Bollé Safety Launches New Bollé Safety Standard Issue Tactical Eyewear Brand Featuring Eyewear from Jade Struck

Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

Bollé Safety, the world-renowned leading manufacturer of safety glasses and goggles, has announced the rebranding of its Bollé Tactical division to become Bollé Safety Standard Issue.  The new Bollé Safety Standard Issue features a range of products designed to offer unparalleled eye protection for tactical professions including law enforcement, first responders, firefighters, EMS, military and special forces, as well as shooting enthusiasts and hunters. The division’s mission is focused on the development of ballistic and protective eyewear while concentrating on improved comfort, style, and safety, giving tactical customers the competitive advantage they need to do their job in the safest way possible.

As part of the launch of this new brand, Bollé Safety Standard Issue has worked with Jade Struck, the competitive shooter, firearms instructor, model and actress, to create a pair of custom tactical glasses called The SENTINEL STRUCK. “As a firearms instructor, safety is my top priority, so I believe that all gear plays an important role, but I believe that eye protection is the most important,” said Struck. “A great pair of safety glasses shouldn’t just protect your eyes, but should also help you perform to the best of your abilities, so that’s what I’m hoping we’re bringing to the table with the SENTINEL STRUCK.” Certified to MIL-PRF-32432 A and ANSI Z87.1 safety standards to ensure maximum protection, these ballistic sunglasses are specifically tailored for the active woman who partakes in shooting, and other outdoor activities.

Like the SENTINEL STUCK sunglasses, each Bollé Safety Standard Issue product is a tailor-made solution that answers the specific needs of its wearers. The entire range of protective eyeglasses are crafted to be compliant with all major international safety standards worldwide.

“Our mission is to provide the best eye protection to those who need it and the people who protect us, beyond just the military field, so renaming the Bollé Tactical Division was evident,” explained Rubina Meunier, Vice President of Brand from Bollé Safety. “Bollé Safety Standard Issue is a more comprehensive name, with the ‘Standard Issue’ phrasing resonating globally and the new logo being catchy, bold, and a bit mysterious.”