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“ATLAS” Eye Protection System From A7 Aerospace and Defense

Tuesday, June 11th, 2019

The “ATLAS” eye protection system features i-RMR (pronounced eye armor) super ballistic lens technology and GHOST SHIELD, the industry’s clearest and fastest photochromic technology. The Atlas can withstand a shotgun blast from 10 feet away and a shot from a 22 long rifle from under 5 feet away with no penetration and no deformation to the lens. 

The United States military has increased the ballistic requirement for eye protection from 650 per second to 725 feet per second, of which many competitors cannot meet with their standard lenses. The Atlas is over 1000 feet per second and it has achieved this remarkable performance with a photochromic lens. 

The Atlas eye protection system also features a lightweight and unbreakable TR-90 frame with arms that are compatible with ear protection, and a 3 way adjustable nose piece for a secure and custom fit. Lens options include standard clear and tinted lenses as well as A7’s proprietary Ghost Shield photochromic lens and A7’s unique high definition and photochromic lens.

Proprietary technology , superb engineering, unmatched protection. A7 Defense & Aerospace, welcome to the next level.

Revisions Adds Two Products to the US Army’s Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL)

Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Revision’s ShadowStrike Ballistic Sunglasses and SnowHawk Cold Weather Goggles have been added to the APEL Program by the U.S. Army

Essex Junction, Vermont (May 29, 2019) – Revision—the world leader in protective eyewear solutions—announces the selection of two new eyewear lines for inclusion on the Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL®), as determined by the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier. After comprehensive laboratory testing and user trials, the Product Manager, Soldier Protective Equipment (PM SPE), selected Revision’s ShadowStrike™ Ballistic Sunglasses and SnowHawk™ Cold Weather Goggle System for inclusion on the APEL. The ShadowStrike Sunglasses are the first dual lens, ballistic sunglasses to offer OcuMax® Anti-Fog performance, and the SnowHawk goggle system is the first Cold Weather Goggle System to offer a magnetically integrated balaclava for extreme protection in cold weather environments (balaclava procured separately).

“Revision has been a leading provider of protective eyewear on the APEL program since it was created in 2006,” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO, Revision. “This is an achievement we are very proud of, and represents our continued commitment to adapting to the changing environments and threats soldiers are facing around the globe today.  Over the years, as we have evolved our products and developed new eyewear solutions, we’ve submitted our cutting-edge eyewear for inclusion in the APEL program. Our presence on the APEL is a major factor in our global standing as an industry-leading protective eyewear designer and manufacturer. We target our solutions to exceed the increasingly more stringent standards that the Army requires, and we are honored to be a part of this prestigious program.”

Manufacturers and products listed on APEL have had their products examined and tested in accordance with the Army’s guidelines, meeting Army standards for ballistic protection (assessed against the Military Combat Eye Protection performance specification MIL-PRF-32432A). This year’s qualification process is especially noteworthy because the Army has instituted several updates to their standards, including more stringent ballistic standards—an increase in ballistic testing velocities (goggle testing velocities with a 0.22cal projectile increased from 550?560 ft/s to 580?590 ft/s and spectacle testing velocities with a 0.15cal projectile increased from 640?660 ft/s to 700?725 ft/s)—as well as the creation of a new category for extreme cold weather (for which SnowHawk was selected).

The U.S. Army recently released the 2019 APEL list, which includes ShadowStrike sunglasses (black frames with smoke and clear lenses) and SnowHawk goggles (black or tan frames with smoke and clear lenses)—alongside Revision’s Sawfly® spectacles, StingerHawk® spectacles, and Desert Locust® goggles.  The following products are all compatible with the Universal Prescription Lens Carrier (UPLC) – Sawfly and StingerHawk spectacles, and Desert Locust and SnowHawk goggles.  All products have been assigned National Stock Numbers (NSN) and are available for purchase through supply channels.

SOFIC 19 – D-Day 75th Anniversary Fuel Cell from Oakley SI

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

To honor the 75th Anniversary Of D-Day, Oakley is offering a special version of the popular Fuel Cell sunglass.

The stems are decorated with laser etched depictions of the beach invasion maps along with a Trident logo to represent Operation Neptune.

Additionally, they’ve engraved the PRIZM with the Trident logo.

The bag is also adorned with the invasion map.

Portions of the proceeds will benefit the Best Defense Foundation*. Additionally, Oakley is supporting the travel of 17 D-Day Veterans as well as a female nurse who served in World War Two, who have been identified by Best Defense Foundation. None have been back since the war, until now.

Only 300 of these limited edition sets will be offered for sale, on D-Day (time to be announced), and only on

The Veterans will also each receive a set along with some specialized clothing for their trip.

*The Best Defense Foundation is a nonprofit organization focused on helping our military veterans and their families.

Brigantes Presents – High Angled Solutions – The Julbo Aerospace

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2019

With Aerospace, Julbo has created the first goggle that works just as well when climbing as it does hurtling down the mountain. A great all-rounder when ski touring on deployment or during down time.

The Aerospace features the SuperFlow System, where the lens can be easily pushed forward (even when wearing gloves) for better heat management and prevention of fogging when climbing or after any exertion, while remaining perfectly protected from the sun’s rays.

Add to that the very best Julbo technologies including, the minimalist frame, a super-slim frame to give extra-wide field of vision from every angle. The skier’s view is completely clear both laterally and vertically. The Aerospace has dual soft foam for optimum comfort and shock absorption with a soft touch layer for softer contact with skin and its full silicone strap provides a perfect grip.

Aerospace is available with all the Julbo photochromic technical lenses and has two loops either side of the strap for symmetrical adjustment in the blink of an eye. Added to this the Aerospace’s protective peak and axis strap system, makes it the ideal ski touring goggle for all those who want a maximum of ventilation during a great day’s skiing and no misting during breaks.

For more information contact

For UK contact

CTRL by e-Tint will be featured at the Quantico Tactical Booth at SOFIC 2019

Monday, May 20th, 2019

CTRL® eyewear changes from light to dark tint in less than 0.1second. No lens change needed.

Aberdeen, NC– (May 2019) Quantico Tactical® is proud to announce that e-Tint, LLC will be exhibiting with them at the 2019 Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC), booth #1811.  E-Tint’s CTRL® line is the ONLY actively tinting eye protection APPROVED on the APEL.  

CTRL® is the first-ever battlefield-ready, electronically controllable eyewear – now approved for the Army’s Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL). Combining ballistic lenses with e-Tint’s Electronic Tint-on-DemandTM technology, CTRL® is designed to enhance tactical capability and provide protection by enabling automatic switching when lighting conditions shift (for example, moving from outdoor sunshine into a dark building). By switching tint manually (on/off button) or automatically (hands-free) to adjust to any environment instantly (0.1 sec), soldiers are not required to remove their sunglasses, and their eyes remain protected at all times.

Originally developed for strategic military application in partnership with the Air Force, Navy, and Army, CTRL® eyewear offers speed and control: instant tine change with a simple press of a button, or in a hands-free mode that can be adjusted to users’ preference. With a built-in light sensor which can be programmed to exact needs, these goggles and spectacles are the Next Gen solutions for today’s warriors to eliminate the need to lift their goggle or spectacle, or mechanically change the lens, which leaves eyes unprotected in dangerous, fast-paced situations.

Using expertise in liquid crystal photonics and optics, e-Tint’s early award-winning light-reactive visors for the United States Air Force was tailored to produce eyewear that meets or exceeds the Army’s exacting MIL Spec standards, including: stringent ballistic and impact requirements ANSI z87.1 for use in military and tactical operations; high quality (ANSI z80.3) optics; anti-fog and 100% UV blocking. Equipped with a ‘fail-safe’ mechanism to ensure your safety – in the event of a loss of power, the lens will automatically go clear.

Other features include: adjustable features (nose piece, strap, arms) to allow for a comfortable and customized fit, threshold adjustment to enable tailoring of the point at which system tints interchangeable lenses (e-Tint and clear) for greater flexibility, and an optional prescription lens mount.

Stop by Quantico Tactical Booth #1811, at SOFIC 2019, to learn more about e-Tint® and their incredible eyewear.  If unable to visit at SOFIC, contact a Quantico Tactical representative at


Warrior West 19 – Wiley-X Spear Cold Weather Goggle

Thursday, May 16th, 2019

The new Spear Cold Weather Goggle From Wiley-X is coming soon. It features interchangeable Shatterproof Selenite™ Polycarbonate lenses that meet the MIL-PRF-32432(GL) ballistic standards: ANSI Z87.1-2010 high velocity and high mass impact standards: as well as US Federal OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(1) standards.

Wiley-X products are available for agency and unit order through ADS.

Brigantes Presents – High Angled Solutions – Julbo Explorer 2.0

Wednesday, April 17th, 2019

High mountaineering is changing and the same is true for Julbo’s flagship model. More ergonomic, better ventilation and is slimmer and more stylish. The Explorer 2.0 has reached new summits in performance.

These glacier sunglasses are designed for extreme conditions without any compromise. The Explorer 2.0 boasts large coverage, removable shields and 360 degree adjustable temples so it can be moves in all directions, under a helmet over a hat or on the head, the frames are held in place.  The high protection lenses ensure maximum protection from sunlight in extreme conditions.

The exclusive soft-comfort material on the temples that doesn’t stick to hair, giving perfect grip and comfort and the wide lens surface allows for maximum field of vision.

The Julbo Explorer 2.0 sunglasses are the complete solution to mountaineers wanting improved eyewear whether it be to summit mountains or hike up peaks.

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Dynamics Gatorz Magnum

Friday, April 12th, 2019

SEALs love Gatorz brand eyepro and Dom Raso is no exception. In fact, Gatorz are the official eyepro at Dynamis Alliance.

Now you get the same model they wear, the Magnum, complete with their logo.

They feature a wraparound fit, made from 7075 aluminum. Plus, they’re made in the USA.