215 Gear’s K9 Accessories

Recently, there have been a great deal of new products designed specifically for the K9 and handler released on the market. In response to requirements from the community, 215 gear has developed several new products including collars, leashes, and leads.

Seen below is the Hands Free K9 Leash with Quick Release Buckle. It is a bungee type dog lead that extends from four feet to seven feet and is designed to allow the handler to have both hands on his weapon. 215 Gear has also integrated a large, formed non-slip control handle close to the dog for situations when more control is called for. The Leash attaches to a common riggers type belt, via a quick-release snap shackle and to the dog’s collar via a H&K type snap hook.
215 Gear's K9 Leash

The entire line can be found here.

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