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Lock Pick Business Card

I once worked for a guy obsessed with getting his business card just right. He would try raised lettering, different colors and even had his sized slightly larger than everyone else so his would stick out. But nothing that guy did even compares to the card below.

Kevin Mitnick's Business Card

The guys over at ITS Tactical Blog clued me in on this beauty. It is the business card of Kevin Mitnick, infamous “hacker’ turned security consultant. The business card has all of the pertinent data engraved on a stainless steel card. That alone is pretty cool, but the card also includes a set of laser cut picks. The cards are made by Metal Cards and are pure genius for a guy running a security firm.

I am not a lock picking kind of a guy but from what the article at ITS Tactical says, they aren’t the best picks in the world but rather, really shine as a back up set stored in a wallet. In fact, they suggest purchasing two and practicing with one of them.

To echo the warning from the guys at Imminent Threat Solutions, check your local laws regarding carrying Lock Picks before you rush out and get one of these.

I am a big fan of the ITS Tactical Blog and visit about once a week or so. They have lots of how-to guides and some cool reviews. Check them out.

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