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Kifaru Now Offers Printed Webbing Option

Kifaru International

American pack maker Kifaru recently discussed the issues that surround offering printed webbing on their web forum. Due to the cost involved with stocking additional materials in various sizes to manufacture packs with both printed Multicam and UCP webbing, combined with low market demand, they have decided to delay altering their line. However, they announced that they will now accommodate special orders, with a slight catch. You will have to provide the webbing.

Anyone interested in this option will need to contact Janice at the shop to get the correct Bill of Materials and be prepared to pay a 10% surcharge for a custom pack. This is the same procedure for other custom pack options they have offered in the past.

To order any of the Kifaru line of packs visit

We would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Kifaru International as a new sponsor of Soldier Systems Daily.


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