Smoking Deal on Arc’teryx Packs

Grey Group has done it again, unleashing a hot deal on Arc’teryx products, but this time it’s the the Echo and Tango packs. Available starting Friday, 3 July, the Tango will be available in Crocodile and the Echo will be available in Crocodile as well as UCP.

In both cases the harness features a thermoformed suspension system to eliminate pressure points and muscle fatigue. Additionally, the Tango and Echo have ample PALS webbing to accommodate additional equipment as well as removable lids that can pull emergency duty as E&E bags. Both packs are produced in the high tenacity 725D Cordura engineered specifically for the Marine Corps ILBE program. In fact, the Tango traces its lineage to the USMC’s ILBE pack.

Arc'teryx Tango Pack in Crocodile

The Tango pack fits a torso of 18″-21″ and a waist size of 32″-37″. It weighs 3.34 Kg / 7 lbs 6 oz dry and has a load capacity of 4000 Cu In / 65.5 L. The Tango is a hybrid top/panel loader allowing you to access your equipment quickly no matter where it is stored in the pack.

Arc'teryx Echo Pack
Please note: Echo Pack is NOT currently available in Multicam

The Echo pack is slightly smaller than the Tango. It too accommodates a torso of 18″-21″ and a waist of 32″-37″ but weighs less at 3.09 Kg / 6 lbs 13 oz but has a smaller capacity of 3300 Cu In / 54 L. Additionally, the Echo was designed especially for airborne operations and features an attachment system for the lowering line that eliminates the need for an additional drop bag or harness. Additionally, the waist belt is removable and can be reversed for rigging.

Both of these packs are offered at SUBSTANTIAL discount from their MSRPs. Also, don’t forget, the sale on the Combat Jacket in UCP is still going on as well so pick one up before they are gone.

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