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Phantom Parachutist Oxygen Mask

Coming soon to a Military Freefall Parachutist near you, the POM is designed to replace the MBU-12/P aviator oxygen mask with a safer, more dependable method of receiving supplemental oxygen up to 35,000 feet. The new POM is a Carleton PHANTOM Mask and Regulator Assembly (part number B47300-1). It is a low profile mask with replaceable regulator and side-mounted hose with quick disconnect fittings and is compatible with ASFS and PHAOS legacy bailout bottles & consoles.

Phantom Parachutist Oxygen Mask

The program is being managed by PEO-Soldier’s PM for Soldier Equipment. A decision for full rate production is expected this month with the first unit equipped in 1QFY10 and a total of 1559 masks fielded through FY13. Additionally each unit will also receive a test stand to support routine maintenance.


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