TR-1 High Performance Insole

One of the things that makes the new line from Belleville offshoot Tactical Research so fantastic is the new TR-1 High Performance Insole. After the actual boot purchase, the second most expensive footwear related expense is for a quality insole. Unfortunately many companies skimp on a decent insole in order to save a few bucks but not Tactical Research.

TR-1 High Performance Insole

In addition to Agion anti-bacterial lining, the insole features an extended arch support built upon a foundation of EVA. With most boots, you’ll probably get an EVA molded insole and it will somewhat resemble the shape of your foot. Tactical Research on the other hand goes one step further. They combine rubber and EVA to provide a combination of comfort and impact protection on the honeycombed forefoot. This design also permits are circulation around the foot. Additionally, there is a deep, contoured heel cup to help with stability.

TR1 Insole Features

The TR-1 Insole comes standard with all Tactical Research footwear.


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