EOTAC Releases Mechanic Shirt

Camouflage is all about blending in and the new mechanic shirt from EOTAC allows the wearer to blend in to basically any rural or urban setting while successfully carrying concealed. Sure, you can go down to Walmart and purchase an inexpensive shirt but the second you put a gun on, chances are real good that sucker is going to print.

Mechanic Shirt from EOTAC

It features a straight bottom hem with side vents and designed to be worn untucked in order to drape freely, offering maximum concealment and no printing. The two lower front buttons are false, with hook & loop closure behind them. This feature makes accessing a holstered handgun or spare magazines both rapid and smooth by either pulling or sweeping the shirt away. The mechanic shirt is available in Grey, Navy, and black and comes with four sew-on patches to help blend in.

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