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New Anti-Fog Visor for Blauer High Gear Equipment

Blauer Tactical

HIGH GEAR, the world’s most dynamic training equipment for combatives and force-on-force training has begun production and distribution of a new ‘anti-fog’ visor. What makes HIGH GEAR so superior to other products is that you can move in the suit and while it protects you from injury, you still feel the hits which allows you to learn more from drills.

HIGH GEAR from Blauer Tactical Systems

This new Anti-Fog Visor further increases realism associated with use of HIGH GEAR. The wearer will retain the benefits of full face protection but will not suffer such hindrances as decreased vision and hearing.

While HIGH GEAR is used extensively for training by all of our armed services, it’s best known and used to support the U.S Army’s Modern Army Combatives Program (MAC-P). HIGH GEAR serves many purposes, but its most important function is to provide an important layer of safety during realistic scenario training. It can be used for combatives and force-on-force drills like ECP procedures, vehicle extractions, as well as all aspects of detainee handling. HIGH GEAR can also be used for FTX’s where marking cartridge projectiles like Simunitions, UTM, and AirSoft are used.

With the huge popularity of MMA within the military, HIGH GEAR can also be used to increase safety during sparring and pure MMA-type training.

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MMA Superstar BJ Penn using HIGH GEAR

Blauer Tactical Systems will be conducting demos at the ADS Warrior Expo in Virginia Beach, VA this week. If you’re attending the show, make sure you stop by their booth.

Learn more about HIGH GEAR online. For unit requests for demos or other inquiries visit

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