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Chest Rig Armor Interface Kit

Ever wanted to attach your chest rig directly to your armor but wanted to to be able to get it off quickly?

Down Range Gear can help you do just that. Providing more of a service than a product, according the the owner of Down Range Gear, they work directly with the customer to develop a custom product. The goal is to identify the equipment used and deliver a set of buckles customized for the combination of vest and rig along with instructions on how to set it up but just as importantly, how to use it. Using the four to six points of attachment found on most chest rigs they anchor compatible buckles directly to the vest in order to support attachment of the chest rig.

Down Range Gear Chest Rig Armor Interface Kit

Customer participation is necessary to make the process work and pictures of the vest and the chest rig are almost always required to determine the best course of action. Further customer interaction and input is solicited through the build process in order to ensure a custom fit. With the myriad possible vest and chest rig combinations, there is no definite, single system and end user preference figures heavily in the final product.

Chest Rig Armor Interface Kit

Lastly, no matter what happens, Down Range Gear makes every effort to:
1. Not have the customer send any equipment in.
2. Not permanently alter either piece of equipment and ensure the chest rig can continue to be used with the harness as originally designed.
3. Ensure the anchor points and mating solution are easily understood, can be installed by the user and modified or repaired in field conditions.

Chest Rig Armor Interface Kit Components

Turnaround time is typically an astounding two to three days on a project. Only small design houses can provide service like this and it is imperative that we support them whenever possible. For more information on this service as well as the full line of Down Range Gear products, visit them on the web.


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