Weapons Retention from 215 Gear

The Multi-Mission Weapon Retention from 215 Gear is a new look at the weapons catch.

215 Gear Multi-Mission Weapon Retention

215 Gear’s unique design allows for a low footprint mount on the PALS grid on your armor or vest, rather than the belt mount found on other catches. It also allows for fast access to your weapon after a manual breach or fastrope and the no drag design doesn’t catch on objects if left unfastened, unlike some homemade options, and falls to the rear. It is easily closed by making a sweeping movement with your hand from rear to front which will bring the buckle to your hand. Made from heavy shock cord, the Weapons Retention is mounted to equipment via a aluminum fitting that only takes up one channel of PALS. Made in the USA with Mil-spec materials.

215 Gear Weapons Retention

Available now in Khaki or Black from Grey Group.


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