Camo Concepts

Looking back in the Soldier Systems archives, I ran across this photo of a prototype for a Reversible Camo BDU.

Reversible Camouflage

This program took place during the late 90s in an effort to reduce the number of uniforms a Soldier would be issued. At the time, it made a big splash and everyone went on and on about how ground breaking the technology was but ultimately, the technology has been around for ages. In fact, US as well as German forces in WW II had reversible clothing and equipment. What is probably more of a challenge than printing on both sides of the fabric is the design of the uniform that retains functionality and camouflage properties no matter which side is worn against the body. All that being said, perhaps some pieces of equipment such as combat smocks and lightweight jackets could be produced in a reversible scheme. These may well come in very handy for troops who traverse desert as well as areas with dense vegetation regularly. Dark camo jackets have long been used in conjunction with light trousers. Arctic Warfare training often insists on the use of white over trousers and OD parkas while operating below the tree line. What’s more, British forces have been combining patterns both early in the Afghanistan intervention as well as of late.

British Forces Use Mixed Camo Uniforms
Photo Michael Yon


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