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Wild Things Lightweight Softshell Layer

At the recent Warrior Expo hosted by ADS, Wild Things unveiled several garments as part of a new layering system. While they are all excellent, one level really stood out; the Lightweight Softshell Layer. For those of you familiar with the Twight System, consider it a Level 5. This level which is designed to be complimentary with other Wild Things garments or used alone, consists of a Pullover and Trousers.

Wild Things Lightweight Softshell Level Top

Designed to be worn under armor, the Lightweight Softshell Pullover is made from a combination of a 4 way stretch nylon/spandex bonded to a hydrophobic fleece, and a 4 way stretch nylon/spandex twill fabric. The softshell fleece fabric is used on the collar, yoke, and upper sleeves, wrapping around the cuff to protect the wrist. The softshell twill is used for the body and under sleeves, reducing bulk and friction. The cuff is finished with the thinner twill, creating a flat, snug band that keeps the wind out without restricting the wrist. A quarter-zip at the neck creates an opening wide enough to pull over the end, while keeping the zipper end above the top of the armor package. A longer body gives the wearer the opportunity to tuck the shirt into the pants, reducing any chance for it to get snagged, but the dropped tail will protect the rear even if the shirt gets pulled out. Bicep pockets on the sleeves provide easy to access storage, with Velcro patches for any badges. Pit zips under the arm provide optional ventilation, but also allow for the sleeves to be converted into short sleeves, with pockets under the bicep to roll excess fabric into. Such a capability was specified by the customer due to the danger of overheating during movement to contact or while in the assault.

Wild Things Lightweight Layer Trousers

With a slim athletic cut, these pants are designed to look great, as well as perform. The four-way stretch nylon/spandex blend moves with the wearer and stretches with every motion yet protects against wind, water, and abrasion. The high memory ensures that the pant keeps its shape even after being used and abused. The crotch gusset and articulated knees enhance the mobility without adding extra seaming or bulk and the belt loops were designed to avoid getting snagged. The pants feature four cargo pockets, two on the thigh sides and two on the calf sides. Additionally, knife pockets are sewn onto both thigh cargo pockets for easy access to a blade and staggered Velcro on those pockets aids the user so that the whole pocket doesn’t have to open to get the knife. The pockets can be stuffed to the brim and the Velcro can still attach, or the pockets can carry a lighter load and be snapped shut for security. The angle on the thigh pockets rolls the stored goods forward so they are always where your hand is hanging. Zippered hems allow ease in pulling the pant on over boots, and gripper tape at the hem keeps the pants down around the ankle where they should be. A final touch is the addition of grommets to the hems so that they can be strapped down over boots.

The garments will not be available until Fall and while Tan will be a standard color, other shades will be announced as the release approaches. For more information visit www.wildthingsgear.com.

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