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More on PCU Level 9 – Well Sorta

*Updated* I received a call the other day asking of I had seen the new Patagonia Combat Uniforms. I hadn’t and the last word I had received was that Patagonia was out of the contract game. But just when you think Patagonia has called it quits, they up and release new military products. Apparently, some prototypes of a hard shell were produced in Viet Nam and photos of this garment’s tag have shown up on the web incorrectly purporting to be from a Level 9 garment. But really this is just the tip of the iceberg. The plan is to develop an entirely new Berry compliant clothing system and most of it is already done. Apparently however, the combat uniform piece is still in development and won’t be the same as the PCU Level 9. The whole system is sort of a “Son of MARS” only leveraging the latest Patagonia technology. Prototypes of several of the pieces are floating around some of the units already so it won’t be long before we see photos.

Patagonia did participate in the development of the Level 9 component of PCU which is produced under contract by Ready One. Thus far, all currently issued PCU components carry a Patagonia tag and the new Level 9 garment will as well. Commercial versions of Level 9 are currently available from Beyond Tactical.

We are hoping to see photos soon and wondering how much they will go for once they hit eBay.

Thanks to Rob for confusing the hell out of me.

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