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It Was Fun While It Lasted

I guess it was only a matter of time before someone knocked the AOR patterns off. My bet was on AOR1 and the copy coming out of Asia to feed the insatiable quest for airsoft nirvana; that perfect “impression”. Well, I was wrong. German company CLAW Gear has released a “combat” uniform in an AOR2 inspired pattern resplendent with Crye-style knee and elbow pads. In addition to their Stalker TDU, CLAW also offers an ACU-style uniform and combat shirt.

SOCOM Pattern

Referred to as the “SOCOM” pattern, these are already flooding eBay as issue uniforms. Possible OPSEC nightmare? You be the judge.

On the other hand, CLAW’s Rhodesian inspired Bushveldt camo is pretty cool.

Bush Veldt

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