Canadian Load Bearing Vest Trials

Canadian Soldier Modernization

The Integrated Soldier System Project is a follow-on to the Clothe The Soldier program which has outfitted the Canadian Soldier with a wide array of modern systems. Intended to be conducted from 2009 – 2016 ISSP is intended to build upon the work already accomplished by CTS and serve to integrate the Soldier into a digitized battlespace. As ambition as this project is, Canadian force modernization must continue to refine projects developed under CTS in order to stay relevant to the current fight.

Canadian tactical vest
Photo: Canadian DnD

Almost from its inception the currently issued Tactical Vest (TV) was outdated while most of the other components of CTS were state of the art. It featured fixed pockets and limited space for ammunition. In order to improve the ability of the individual soldier to reconfigure his vest based on role as well as increase carrying capacity 12 commercial Modular Fighting Rigs were evaluated at the Regimental Armory in Gatineau Quebec. The various candidate MFRs were modular in nature and of webbing, chest-rig or vest design and the evaluators represented every Infantry Regiment. Additionally, an entire suite of pouches was evaluated to complement the MFR. According to the video the top four candidates will go on for operational testing with Task Force 110. However, documents we have seen identify only the top three candidates moving forward into operational testing. Mums still the word on which systems made the cut but we do know that one of the systems was a 2-piece MAV with X-harness provided by Tactical Tailor.

The Canadian Forces have produced this excellent video describing the trial.

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