Special Ops 1939 – 1945

New from Zenith publishing comes “Special Ops, 1939 – 1945: A Manual of Covert Warfare and Training”. A reprint of several British Special Operations Executive and US Office of Strategic Services texts from WW II, the work features a forward by author Dr Stephen Bull giving an abbreviated history of the SOE and OSS. It is more than sufficient to prepare the reader for the information contained in the book.

Special Ops

Topics include tactics, hand-to-hand fighting, propaganda, disguise, and sabotage. In fact, the book gives quite a bit of insight into what lengths the allies went to help workers in Axis nations subvert their oppressors. Special products were sent behind the lines detailing ways innovative to malinger including a means to fake an injured arm. The work is excellent and goes to show that the west at one time was very adept at conducting insurgency.

To order visit Zenith Press.

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