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The Koala: Coming Soon from Kifaru Tactical

Developed based on a Kifaru message board poster who “envisioned a pouch carried on the chest that you could easily and quickly access a handgun from” the Koala was born.

Koala Interior

The design is very versatile. Here is a list of the carry options:
Koala Worn-Chest carry with an X-Harness and belly strap.
-Shoulder carry with a shoulder sling or contoured shoulder strap.
-Backpack with shoulder straps and waist strap with a dual adjust buckle.
-Lumbar pack with new Omni/Lumbar waistbelt
-Chest carry with a backpack using the new Lift-Kit
-Malice clipped onto a pack
-Malice clipped onto armor or a plate carrier

This article is really just an introduction. For a full synopsis make sure to visit Kifaru’s forum. The Koala will be available soon from Kifaru Tactical.


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