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Sniper Camo from MMI

Last year we told you that MMI was developing a whole slew of products for the sniper and the new DEPSOC360 camo is their latest project.

By MMI’s own admission, it is not a universal pattern by any means and this variant was tuned for the Georgia Pine Forest (Fort Benning area), but the video was shot in northern California so you will notice that the greens don’t match up. The concept was predicated on the distance at which Snipers operate from enemy forces. Most current patterns are very tight whereas this is a large pattern with 3D effect (the shadowing under the slashes) so that it breaks up the image at range.

Thee have a utility patent (pending) on the 360 degree graphic capability. The graphic goes in a smooth and unbroken line from foot to head which prevents the eye from having anything to fixate on. They do realize that they still need some work on the hat due to the seams but they are working on it. Available soon from

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