Wilcox BOSS

Rumors of Their Impending Demise are Greatly Exaggerated

Over the last few weeks I have repeatedly heard rumors concerning three separate companies that are supposed to be going out of business. In one case, the rumor is unsubstantiated and in the other two partially true.

1. Specter Gear is going out of business – Not True. They displayed at SHOT Show, their website is still up and, they are answering the phone.

2. Brigade Quartermaster is bankrupt – Partially True. True, they didn’t show up at SHOT Show and their booth remained empty, and true they did settle outstanding bills a little short. Sold to Ira Green, long time producer of uniforms and insignia for military and law enforcement, their main strong points are a solid reputation with their customer base going back over 30 years and a presence in military exchanges and clothing sales stores including kiosks and actual store fronts on several bases. If they can get the vendors worked out, expect them to come back strong.

3. Command Arms Accessories – Partially True. Currently undergoing a rebranding and are now called EMA Tactical.

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